CHIGRE ye tou aquel establecimientu nel que se sirve sidre. De fechu, el nome de chigre remanez del aparatu (d'aniciu marineru) usáu pa descorchar les botelles "chigre".

Ello asina, y anque tienda a tracamundiase chigre con sidrería, en rialidá bares, cafeteríes, vinoteríes, confiteríes, sidreríes... toos aquellos establecimientos onde se sirve sidre son CHIGRES y comu talos apecen equí.


Cider bar

CHIGRE is all establishments where cider is served. In fact, the name of “chigre” comes from the machine (of marine origin) used to uncork the bottles.

Beign so, even when sometimes people mistake “chigre” with cider bar, actually bars, cafes, wineries, patisseries... and any other place where cider is served are CHIGRES and as such appear here.