N'Asturies, y n'asturianu, llamamos llagar tanto a la prensa qu'estrume la magaya comu al llugar físicu onde s'asitia esta prensa.

Asina mesmo, les empreses qu'ellaboren y comercialicen sidre, son LLAGARES, non "bodegas", términu vinoteru importáu del español que nun tien un res que ver nin cola nuesa tradición nin cola nuesa cultura.


Cider presses

In Asturies and in Asturian, we call llagar both the press that squeezes the apple pulp and the physical location where the press is settled.

Likewise, the companies that elaborate and commercialize cider are LLAGARES, not “bodegas” (wine cellar), wine term imported from the Spanish that has nothing to do neither with our tradition nor our culture.