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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

III Homemade Cider Made in Wood Contest

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On next Sunday 20th of April inside the activities of the FCY will take place the III Homemade Cider Made in Wood Contest with the support of Argüelles Brothers Barrelmaking.


THE CIDER.- The contest is aimed for non professional cider malers that use the traditional way of the wooden casks, thus encouraging the use of this material for cider making. It will take place on next Sunday 20th and it is expected a very interesting participation.

This contest of homemade cider is the only one of its kind of an Asturian range, since the rest use to be limited for the council where they take place.

Tomorrow begins the First Cider of the Year

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This Thursday 17th of April in the Museum of the Asturian Village will take place the V First Cider of the Year (FCY) with the workers of Tenneco-Xixón as protagonists, and which who we celebrate the triumph while avoiding the closing of their factory.


THE CIDER.- Organized by the ASturies XXI Foundation and LA SIDRA, the FCY has been turning since its beginning five years ago into the  biggest cider event of the country and its celebration means the opening of the cider year, recovering the tradition of the Easter "espiches" or popular drinking mmeting in which to drink the cider as it is made, upon the yeast and without mixing it. For that is offered the chance to taste cider of more than 80 different types, from 12 to 21 hours at an affordable price of 5 €. 

PSLA, the flower of the cider

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Yesterday took place the official presentation of the First Cider of the Year 2014



THE CIDER.- The presentation tool place in the facilities of the Asturies XXI Foundation and had a very important presence of the media in a table composed by Donato Xuaquín Villoria and Marcos Fernández in representation of LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation, entity that organizes this event, as well as Fernán Gonzali on behalf of the Assembly of Workers ofTenneco- Xixón, and Arsenio Angones in representation of the cider farms participating in the event.

Final of the Best First Cider of the Year

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Today will take place the finals of the Best First Cider of the Year, to which passed: Fran, Piñera, La Morena, La Golpeya, Pachu, Orizón and Canal.

THE CIDER.- Today, Saturday, at 17 hours will take place at El Canigñu cider bar of Xixón, the finals of the Best First Cider of the Year, in which after the selecion of yesterday there were be as protagonistsFranPiñeraLa MorenaLa GolpeyaPachuOrizón and Canal.

With 36 ciders presented on time, the process of selection for the finals got to be quite difficult given the high quality of the presented cide, so instead of the 5 expected, it was necessary to extend the selection to 7, among which the jury will have to choose the cider to be announced as Best First Cider of the Year.

The final of the contest will be quite different from the usual way since 7 of the finalist ciders will be tasted in the blinded tasting by the jury in a tasting open to public. Thus the people can attend live to the votings of the jury and know the score reached every moment by the participating ciders. Apart of it, the attendees will be able to taste the classified ciders and assess them first hand.

La Golpeya. Best First Cider of the Year

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The finals, which took place at El Canigú Cider Bar, gave as winner La Golpeya cider, in a very tight final.

THE CIDER.- The cider farm La Golpeya imposed in the great final of the contest Best First Cider of the Year over the six cider farms that got to the final: Piñera, Fran, La Morena, Canal, Pachu y Orizón. The cider farm from Xixón El Canigú was the stage for a very tight final in which after two rounds of tastings there was barely six points of difference between the first and last classified.

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