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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

Drawing of tickets for the Open Tasting

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LA SIDRA makes a drawing of 50 tickets for the Open Tasting to be held on next 4th of October at the Paintings Hall of the Laboral University of xixón.

The tickets will be drawed among all those who can tell at least one of the winner ciders awarded with any prize at the 2013 SISGA, with open participation through facebook or sending us an email at: Esta direición elleutrónica ta curiada escontra spam bots. Precisa activase JavaScript para vela


IV International Hall of Gala Ciders

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BeginningSISGA Awards  Gala Dinner  Open Tasting  Somelliers Day   Presentations  



We present the IV International Hall of Gala Ciders and this year we have many and good novelties. The SISGA Awards are strenghthen, we keep the increasing level of the Gala Dinner, to be held in an exceptional frame and Open Tasting exceeds itself and there is a new brand day for professional sommeliers.

After the success of the three past editions this IV SISGA means an important progression in an event in which are presented the non-pouring ciders or generically called gala ciders, more proper of celebrations and places not suitable for our natural cider.

If the last year we made innovations with the first SISGA Awards, this year we do not only keep them but also complement them with a specific day for professional sommeliers in which among other activities there will be a Guided Tasting of the awarded ciders of this year and there will be scheduled some presentations of those same ciders.


This year the SISGA will have a day for professional sommeliers

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This Friday took place the official presentation of the IV International Hall of Gala Ciders to be held on next days 3rd, 4th and 6th of October with the participation of some producers, sommeliers and the renowned chef Nacho Manzano.



THE CIDER.- During the press conference held in the Casa la Palmera of Xión, Marcos Abel Fernández President of the Asturies XXI Foundation (organizer of the event), Jesús Martínez Salvador representative of Divertia Xixón, Juan Luis García, sommelier of Casa Marcial and Nacho Manzano, chef of the La Riega Palace highlighted the relevance of this event to give to know the gala ciders or non-puring ciders at international range.


"Asturies for foodies", a step towards USA

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In October the first export agroalimentary consortium sponsored by the initiative "Asturies cooperates" of Asturez, is going to work in the West coast of the United States.
THE CIDER.- During the celebration of the Cider Week NY, Trabanco Cider participated in this event and the tourism consultant specialized in food, Begoña Medio, saw the chance to spread towards America. When there was the project of the Cider Route of Xixón the consultant did contact some producers of the sector, including USA.

The glamour of the Asturian products in Madrid

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The terrace of the hotels of La Moraleja Slk and Soya, in Madrid, held on last Saturday a dinner of degustation of the Asturian artisanal products.
THE CIDER.- Asturies Gourmet Party is a project of LA SIDRA's delegate in Madrid, Nacho Sandoval, who has as aim the promotion and spreading of the Asturian agroalimentary sector, synonym of excellence in the quality of the products.

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