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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

International ciders in Brittany

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The nations present in the Interceltic Festival of An Oriant show their own cider culture.

THE CIDER.- Ireland, Brittany and Asturies are the main cidery countries coming to this international event, each with their own cider style and their own way to drink it.

From the Island od Eire we find industrial ciders like Bulmers, always present in the bars and stands around the concerts, never far away from the most traditional and enjoyable Irish music.

The Breton cider finds its biggest point in the traditional celebrations or "Fest Noz" by the label Loïc Raison, besides the many ciders, chouchens and mead from the local producers. There are also Breton producers of high quality ciders, like brut and cuvée, like the label Kystin. 

New test scoring for the cider pourers contest

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Wilkin Aquiles won in Llugones thus maintaining his leadership in the general classification. Pablo Suárez is in the second place and Pablo Álvarez in the third.

THE CIDER.- The Carbayu celebrations in Llugones held on last Monday a new test scoring for the classification of Cider Pourers as an activity inside the program. There were a total of 29 participants, nine of them local ones besides a young contestant.

The result of the contest gave Wilkin Aquiles as winner, from El Otru Mallu, Xixón, with a score of 82.50. Followed by Pablo Suárez from La Cuétara, Xixón, with81.90 points. The third classified was Pablo Álvarez from Sidrería Alberto, Uviéu with 81.85 points.

Asturian and Basque single variety cider Tasting Day

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On next Saturday 16th of August LA SIDRA will celebrate a Tasting Day for Asturian and Basque single variety cider.

THE CIDER.-In the tasting day, to which people has to sign in previously -limited vacancies as usually- there will be available two Basque single variety ciders from the research project by the Gipuzkoa Cider Associationnin collaboration with the University of the Basque Country (courtesy of the oenologist Juan Zuriarrain), developed from apples Gezamina and Urtebi Txiki respectively. There will be also two Asturian ones: Villacubera of new expression, from Cortina Cider Mill (Regona) and another experimental one from other Asturian cider mill.


Great welcome for LA SIDRA's delegation in An Oriant

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This annual cultural and musical event definitely has the presence of delegates from our magazine, who had a great welcome amongst the international cider makers present there.

Old friends from Asturies, Brittany and Scotland were the company of our delegation in Breizh and thanks to them we are well informed about the last novelties of the cider in the celtic festivals present in this festival.

LA SIDRA'S VIII Photography Contest

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For eighth consecutive year LA SIDRA, with the support of the JR Cider Mill, presents its Photography Contest.

THE CIDER.- AS the last year, this contest will have two categories: Digital ^Picture and Instagram Picture, as well as the special "JR Cider" prize for the best picture related to its cider mill and/or its products.

The deadline to sign in will end on next 6th of December for the Instagram category and the 15th of the same month for the Digital category and the JR special prize.

The prize for the Digital category will be 800 € with two accesits of 50 € and for the Instagram one 300 € and the special "JR Cider· will be awarded with two cider cases from that cider mill. 

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