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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

Cider is not a drug

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The PP is dissatisfied with the next drugs law that will include cider.

THE CIDER.- The popular deputy Luis Venta expressed his discomformity and its party's with the new text proposed by the "Principality", in a meeting with the representatives of the Asturies Cider Association.

Luis Venta, deputy in the General Board of the "Principality" showed his disagreement with the law project of the Law of Integral Attention regarding Drugs that the "Principality" is preparing. That law includes cider as a drug at the same level of opiates and not as fermented alcoholic beverages, which got plenty of alcohol more than cider.


Tresmiera celebrated its fifteenth cider fair

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The former Asturies of Tresmiera had the participation of local producers as well as from the other Asturies, Galice, Basque Country and Brittany.

THE CIDER.- The event is aimed for maintaining alive the cider tradition of the region and it succeededd, and every year it grows in attendees and participating products.

The area of Tresmiera -nowadays belonging to Cantabria- celebrated last weekend as the last 15 year their traditional celebration about cider in the Escalante Square. The managers of this event were the Pomological Association of Escalante supported by the Council.

Cider Contest in Sariegu

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32 cider makers from Sariegu participate in this XIX edition.

Sariegu celebrated on the last 16th of July their XIX Homemade Cider Contest. Is the oldest one of those of ASturies and this year had the presence as jury of Gumersindo Martínez, from La Figar cider bar from Nava;  Severino Cueva, from Villaviciosa cider bar, from Uviéu; and the local representatives José Antonio Peña and José Ramón Pérez. The well known man in the cider tastings world, Maximino Villarrica headed the jury in charge of choosing the winner amongs the 32 participant ones.

The Asturies of Santilana celebrates the Cider Day

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Escalante will organize their XV Cider Day on next 26th of July.

THE CIDER.-  One more year, Escalante in the former Asturies of Santillana celebrates its Cider Day where purchasing the commemorative glass we can enjoy all the cider wer can with cider makers from the two Asturies, Basque Country and Brittany.


Cider and sardines in La Chalana

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The event will begin on Friday with the speech by David Hevia and a traditional night party.

THE CIDER.- La Chalana, Llaviana, wil begin their patronal celebratiosn this Friday. Inside the scheduled activities there is on Saturday a Cider Festival with tasting of sardines for those attending.

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