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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

The Museum of Cider does not close

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The general dicrector of Rural Development and Agrifood of the "Principality" assured that in Nava there are no news that risk the future of the museum.

THE CIDER.-  During a meeting of the Cider Board in Nava in which was spoken about organization and management issues of the Museum of Cider of Asturies, the director of Rural Development na d Agrifood of the "Principality" Tomasa Arce assured that there are no hazards for the current risk of the continuity of the Cider Museum.

In this meeting of the Cider Foundation in which they began with the negotiations to enhance the resources available Tomasa Arce calmed the local representatives of the council and asured the continuity of the workers, who were afraid of a possible closure. 


1st Party of Seafood and Cider

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The Cider District of El Llanu in Xixón will host these days that put together the Asturian cider with the Cantabric seafood.


THE CIDER.- Association of the Cider District of Xixón is the one in charge of managing the first Party of Seafood and Cider in Asturies, in which every day from the 12th of September until the 12th of October there will be available different daily and weekend menus paired with Asturian cider.

The cider bars inside this association are five located in the Xixón's district of El Llanu: Sidrería Casa César, Sidrería El Sahuco, Sidrería La Pumarada, Sidrería El Llabiegu and Sidrería Parrilla de Antonio I. All of them put together with the aim of making these days inbto an Asturian referent and turn El Llanu district into a space of amusement and celebration around cider. 


La Morena Cider Mill wins in Villaviciosa

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The cider by La Morena cider mill, from Sieru, won the 30th edition of the Villaviciosa's Cider Contest celebrated inside the schedule of activities of the celebrations of Nuestra Señora del Portal.

The natural cider form La Morena cider Mill from Viella (Sieru) was chosen as the best one in the Villaviciosa's Cider Contest which took place last Tuesday inside the acivities schedule of the celebrations of the Nuestra Señora del Portal festivities. The Villaviciosa's contest is nowadays on its 30th edition being thus one of the most veteran ones just after the Nava's contest.


New simultaneous pouring record

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The XXIII Cider Party of Xixón broke again the simultanous cider pouring record reaching the 8448 people pouring cider at the same time.


THE CIDER.-  One more year in a very nice party in the El Castrillón Beach (generally renamed by our politicians as "Poniente") there was the broken record of simultaneous cider pouring exceeding the 8.061 people to the 8.448 people of this year.

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