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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

David M. Rivas in Facebook

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We release the opinion by David M. Rivas regarding the PP's proposal of excluding cider from the drugs addiction law:

 "I will agree with the PP. To get the cider out of the drug addiction law is basic. The Spanish left wing (mumbling Spanish rancids) lost their route many years ago in these issues Could you imagine the SPD prohibiting the Oktoberfest?"


Day for Professional Sommeliers

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Tomorrow on Monday 6th of October will take place the last day of the IV International Hall of Gala Ciders specially dedicated to the Professional Sommeliers, for whom there will be a guided tasting of the awarded ciders in the SISGA '14.


THE CIDER.- Among the people cominfg there were the prestigious sommeliers like those from the Freixe Rastaurant of Madrid or the president fro,m the Spanish Association of Sommeliers.

This Guided Tasting will take place in Castañón Cider Mill of Villaviciosa and to be performed by the sommelier of Casa Marcial (two Michelin stars) Juan Luis García, and helped by the pressident of the jury of the SISGA 014 Awards Manuel G Busto and the expert Donato X. Villoria Tablado.

Amazing Open Tasting

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Yesterday took place the Open Tasting in which people attending was able to taste the cider portagonist in the IV SISGA.

THE CIDER.- The International Hall of Gala Ciders had yesterday its most popular day with the participation of hundreds of people in the Open Tasting Day held in the Painting Hall of the Laboral University of Xixón. There besides tasting the Asturian, Breton, Norman, Basque, German, Danish, Czech, Slovak and Canarian cider they also got the chance to participate in the different guided tastings that took place during the event.


Gala Dinner and SISGA Awards'14

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The night of the Friday held the Gala Dinner of the IV SISGA and the SISGA'14 Awards at La Riega Palace of Xixón.


THE CIDER.- In the spectacular La Riega Palace and with an exquisit menu prepared by the prestigious chef Nacho Manzano, on last Friday took place the Gala Dinner of the IV SISGA organized by the ASturies XXI Foundation. It began with the impressive performance of two tunes of tonada by Mary Luz Cristobal Caunedo, and after that the speech by Marcos Abel Fernández, presidant of the Asturies XXI Foundation, Consuelo Busto president of the Asturian Cider Association and Fernando Couto, councilman of economic development of Xixón City Hall.

The IV SISGA ended with the day for Professional Sommeliers

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The last day of the IV SISGA was dedicated to the professional sommeliers and took place at Castañón Cider Mill.





THE CIDER.- The day ended with the presence of prestigious figures like the presdent of the Sumillers Association Javier Gila or the sommelier from the Restaurant Ramón Freixa (two Michelin stars), Juanma Galán, among others.


The morning began with the visit to the facilities of the Castañón Cider Mill in Quintueles, where there was an explanation about the cider making and the experts coming got to taste different ciders from the wooden casks. After that there was a tasting with the ciders awarded in the SISGA'14 informing them about the possibilities for pairing.

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