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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

Asturex supported the cider Asturian agroalimentary sector in the SIAL fair

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In the 26th edition of the fair of agroalimentary industry SIAL which took place in Paris on last weekend, the Society for Exterior Promotion of the Asturian Principality SA (Asturex) began participating with five Asturian companies.

THE CIDER.- The SIAL biannual fair is aimed for a purely professional public and it's one of the most important fairs of the agroalimentary sector along with others like ANUGA in Germany and ALIMENTARIA in BArcelona. Asturex began the common participation with the following companies: Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta SA (CAPSA), Xamones El Castillo S.A., Manuel Busto Amandi, S. A (Mayador), Sidra Trabanco S.A. and Sidra Valle, Ballina y Fernández, S.A. (EL Gaitero) , who presented their products in this important fair of the agroalimentary sector with more thN 200 Spanish companies.


The beverage tradition in Asturies: the cider and wine

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The XV Seminar of Asturian Studies of the Belenos Foundartion focuses in the tradition of cider and wine in our country.

THE CIDER.- This XV Seminar will take place in La Puela d'Allande the days 29th and 30th of November and regarding cider there are the following speeches:

INACIU HEVIA LLAVONA. Ethnographer. Belenos Foundation

• Asturian traditional cider: origins, processes and instruments.

JOSÉ MARÍA DÍAZ DÍAZ. Manager of the cider mill and distillery «Casería de San Juan del Obispo», from Tiñana (Sieru)

• The originality is in the originj: cider distillates.

Halloween Espicha in Madrid

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A Cañada Cider Bar from Madrid celebrates a Halloween Espicha on next 31st of October.

The espicha will have an Asturian cider and cheese tasting to then enjoy an espicha with different dished an cider open bar.

This edition includes an amagüestu and also Queimada and it is not compulsory to wear a costume, there will be a prize for the best.

The price is 20 € and it will begin at 21 hours. 

Longo: "To call the cider a drug is an unprecedented nonsense in all Europe"

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The Foro's Deputy in the General Board of the "Principality" Albano Longo criticized on last Sunday the Law Project of Integral Action in Drug Issues to which his parlamentary group presented 8 parcial enminments, stating that "to call the cider a drug is an unprecedented nonsense in all Europe"

THE CIDER- Albano Longo, Foro's Deputy in the Genaral Board of the "Principality", stated sharply against the Law Project of Integral Action in Drug Issues. A project that according to Longo, comes to Asturies 6 years late in comparison with the rest of Autonomous Communities. Longo consideres that "the most curious about this late Law Project is that on it figures the radical posture of the Councilman of Health and the Director of Public Health in issues like considering fermented beverages inside the concept of drug".



Interview about the IV SISGA in GastroRadio

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The great welcome of the day that the SISGA dedicated to the sommeliers world also had repercussion among the media beyond our borders.

THE CIDER.- An example of it was the interview about this day carried out in the Castañón Cider Mill from Villaviciosa by Donato X. Villoria, LA SIDRA's delegate for the Spanish State and participant in the program "Between hotplates" of the GastroRadio station.

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