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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

Homemade cider, stronger than ever

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Manuel Jesús Morán won the prize for the Best Homemade Cider of the Council of Xixón.

THE CIDER.- In a very tight contest in have participated 26 different craft cider makers from Xixón, with a best quality cider as the president of the jury, Joaquín Fernández, assessed.

Manuel Jesús Morán, from Garbelles, Caldones, was the winner of the first contest of the Best Homemade Cider of the Council of Xixón, being classified along with secodn and third places for José Amador Álvarez (Granda) and Marcos A. Fdez (Santuriu), getting to the finals of the Asturies Championship to take place in Villaviciosa.

Manuel Morán, who produces between 250 and 500 cider liters per year, has been apple smashing "a whole life, with apples from home, of traditional orchard and in wooden cask, as it has always been done" and it's the fact that he didn't want to participate and his friends had to convince him to do so.

Tasting of new Panizales ciders

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This is an unique chance to know the ciders by the most innovative Asturian cider mill of the moment, with four new ciders in the market and many new proposals in development process.
THE CIDER.- On next Saturday 8th of August LA SIDRA organizes a guided tasting of the new ciders of the Panizales Cider Mill (Espinéu, Mieres), piopneer in the develompent of new cider products and opening of new markets.

Renewal plan for cider pouring machines

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Due the success of the renewal plan for cider bars the COEM company and LA SIDRA present this new campaign which will allow to renovate the old cider pouring machines for new ones in the best conditions.

THE CIDER.- After the impressive success of last year's Renwal plan organized by LA SIDRA in collaboration with COEM and thanks to which we allowed many cider bars to renove their corkscrewers for free as well as increasing very much the museum items of LA SIDRA, now we release a new Renewal plan, this time focused on cider pouring machines.

The objective is to recover this cider device that in many cases has a very long history and that sometimes can be found out of order due to faults or simply because it has been overcome by the new designs, so people can exchange it for a new one in the best conditions.



Triumph of Salvador Ondó in Nava

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Jorge Vargas was the second and Loreto García the third. In the local category Aria Vigil won and in the young one Etna Montes, 10 year old.


THE CIDER.- Nava's cider pourers contest is one to be considered as a reference in the Asturian Championship, being very much followed by the fans. This time the champion of Asturies 2014, Salvador Ondó, got the first place for the first time.

Cider: heart-healthy, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory

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Yesterday there was a presentation in Villaviciosa result of a research by the Department of Functional Biology of the University of Uviéu that united cider and health.

THE CIDER.- The ciders analysed were those under the DOP label: natural cider, filtered cider and sparkling cider with natural carbonic. All of them were object of "in vitro" studies (for the anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties) and "in vivo" with zebra fish (for the fatt-decreaser and anti-diabetic propterties). There were also culture of human cells to study its anti-inflamatory property.


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