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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

New simultaneous pouring record

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The XXIII Cider Party of Xixón broke again the simultanous cider pouring record reaching the 8448 people pouring cider at the same time.


THE CIDER.-  One more year in a very nice party in the El Castrillón Beach (generally renamed by our politicians as "Poniente") there was the broken record of simultaneous cider pouring exceeding the 8.061 people to the 8.448 people of this year.

IV International Hall of Gala Ciders

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It will take place on the 3rd, 4th, 6th and will have a day especially for sommeliers.

THE CIDER.- The fourth edition of the SISGA promises to overcome itself since this year apart of the two usual days we add another one specifically for sommeliers, who will be the protagonists of a guided tasting of the winner ciders of the SISGA awards in the fine glass service category for new expression, brut and sweet, perry, ice cider, cider liquors and distilled ciders.

Apart of it the Gala Dinner will take place in La Riega Palace and in there we will have again the chance to enjoy the pairing of these ciders with the highest gastronomy by Nacho Manzano, chef with two Michelin stars.

Benjamin Meana speaker in the Villaviciosa's Cider Party

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The owner of El Congreso Cider Bar, celebrating this year its centenary, will be the one in charge of the opening speech in the XVII Villaviciosa's Cider Party.


THE CIDER.-  The twelve cider farms of Villaviciosa: Buznego, Castañón, Coro, Cortina, El Gobernador, El Traviesu, Frutos, Los Gemelos, M. Busto, Tomás, Vallina and Vigón will offer their cider for free on next Saturday during the celebration of the XVII Cider Party.

The system will be the usual one: after purchasing the commemorative glass for 3 € (this year with the anthem of Villaviciosa and two apples carved on it), people will be able to taste the 3.000 cider bottles made available by the cider makers for all the attendees of the event from 12 to 15 hours. 

First Festival of the Cider of Selection in Candás

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The capital of Carreño had the ciders from Trabanco and Peñón and offered besides stake roosted lamb and sausages.

THE CIDER.- The catering sector of Candás organized for the first time a festival of the Cider of Selection in the capital of Carreño. During the days 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24 th the land of the harbor hosted a tasting of the Trabanco and Peñón ciders along with roosted lamb and sausages.


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