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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

First Festival of the Cider of Selection in Candás

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The capital of Carreño had the ciders from Trabanco and Peñón and offered besides stake roosted lamb and sausages.

THE CIDER.- The catering sector of Candás organized for the first time a festival of the Cider of Selection in the capital of Carreño. During the days 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24 th the land of the harbor hosted a tasting of the Trabanco and Peñón ciders along with roosted lamb and sausages.


Javier Menéndez best homemade cider of Villaviciosa

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Yesterday took place the final of the ninth edition of the Homemade Cider Contest, having a record of cider makers participating.

THE CIDER.- Almost 2.000 people attended yesterday in Villaviciosa to the final of the Homemade Cider Contest. The visitors were able to enjoy  a tasting of the cider from the 96 participating cider mills and watched the victory of Havier Costales from Casa Moría (Pión) as best cicer.


Avalon Cider Presentation

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This monday 25th of August the Trabanco Group will present its new cider Avalon.

THE CIDER.- The best bet of Trabanco to push some more the internationalization of the cider made in Asturies and towards international markets is the cider Avalon, a very suitable alternative for our country and other places where the cider for pouring can not always get to.

In the presentation event will speak among others Samuel Trabanco, the oenologist of Trabanco Group Eva Trabanco as well as the LA SIDRA's international delegate, Eduardo Vázquez Coto, whose tasting assessing this cider you can gind in its blog Sidraglocal.

Trabanco Group presented its cider Avalon

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With this product the Trabanco Group aims to stalish a connection between the cider tradition and the current times.

THE CIDER.- Trabanco's cider mill of Sariegu was the designed place for the presentation event in which there was a relevant representation of the Asturian innkeeping industry as well as institutional charges.

Avalon is a sparkling cider maked with traditional varieties of Asturian apples harvested in the own apple orchards os Trabanco Group. With these varieties (sweet, sour and acid) is obtained a very balanced natural cider, besides fermented in chestnut tree traditional casks. Once finished the fermentation the exact touch of carbonic and sugar are added to get a sparkling, young, fruity anf low graded cider.

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