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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

The VI PSLA is already in the street

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This week began to be put the MUPIS around Xixñon and tomorrow there will be a press conference explaining the schedule and the rest of novelties of this year.


THE CIDER.- Mupis, posters, flyers, social networks... the information campaign of the PSLA goes forward as we are getting close to it. Tomorrow there will be a press conference where the media will be informed about the VI PSLA's schedule and the interesting novelties of this sixth edition.

In the press conference will participate Divertia, the Asturies XXI Foundation -LA SIDRA-, Xose Mª García, director of the VI Show of Asturian Song and Cider and José Argüelles from Tonelería Argüelles, organizer of the Homemade Cider Contest in Wooden Cask.

Mayador awarded "Entrepreneur Family"

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The Busto Alonso claim for "maintain what is of our own" tearing down the handicaps for the Asturian business.

THE CIDER.- In the VI Awards "Entrepreneur Family" given by the Asturian Association of Business Family to the Busto Alonso, owners of the Mayador Cider Mills in Villaviciosa, its manager Consuelo Busto was not as clear as usual, claiming for the banning of the handicaps for the Asturian business negatively discriminated by the public Administration. Those are the "Principality" and the city halls, and she stated that "maybe if the public administrations had smoothed the way in case of a multi national company, instead of throwing stones at the local business".


LA SIDRA's International Campaign

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LA SIDRA releases new informative materials to give to know our national beverage across the world.

Due to LA SIDRA's attendance to the coming international cider events (Glasgow, Frankfurt, Copenhague...) it was decided to release new info material in the different languages of the countries visited in which give to know the Asturian cider and culture, giving the chance to deepen into that knowledge and visit our country.

Given the neglect of the "Principality" with the international rojection of Asturies is total, the first is to locate Asturies in the map, then explaining that we are in the Spanish Stat but that Asturies is something apart. 

In that way LA SIDRA is forced to make a hughe explicative effort to explain that this is not a land of bullfighting, flamenco, wine, Mediterranean cook, olive trees... First we have to show them a reality they ignore, which they usually find very close to their own reality in which cider has a role of social integration.


Cabueñes. Best First Cider of the Year 2015

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The cider by Cabueñes Cider Mill won the II Best First Cider of the Year, which make sit the official cider of the VI PSLA. Cortina was second and the third place was for both Buznego and Riestra tied.

THE CIDER.- In a very tied final between the 8 classified ciders Buznego and Cortina (Villaviciosa), Riestra (Sariegu), Viuda de Angelón (Nava) Angones Suárez, Castiello, Contrueces and Cabueñes (Xixón), with a first tight round with 4 points of difference among the 6 first ones, the cider by Cabueñes Cider Mill hihghlighted. It was in the second round, winning the contest but followed by Cortina and Riestra and Buznego, which were tied in a shared third place.


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