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The Cider, english news in LA SIDRA

SISGA'14 Awards at the Mugaritz

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This Thursday 20th of November and according to the philosophy of the SISGA'14, the awarded ciders will bepresented in the Mugaritz Restaurant, one of the best ones of the world.

 This year's International Hall of Gala Ciders overcame itself taking the ciders awarded at the SISGA'14 to the professional frames to give to know cider, its features and potential of this kind of ciders, always relating them with high gastronomy and touristic development.

Snacking around Xixón.. through the cider bars

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The VII Snack Contest has a very important participation of cider bars.


THE CIDER.- As it could not be otherwise, the cider bars from Xixón nparticipate actively in ther Xixón's Snack Contest, the biggest in participation of the State with almost thirty cider bars presenting their proposals giving thius a real picture of the vitality of this gastronomic sector and the many possibilities that cider offers.

Chestnuts and apple juice to celebrate the Autumn

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As every year on these dates we have the traditional "Amagüestu", in which little ones and grown ups enjoy a party full of music, chestnuts and apple juice celebrated all around Asturies.


THE CIDER.- One of the most typical party of the Asturian Autumn is the Amagüestu, a day in which chestnuts, fire and apple juice or "sweet cider" are the main characters.  Asturies from East to West prepares every year during these days (between October and Nivember) to taste the harvest of chestnuts and the apple juice or sweet cider as the essence of the Asturian "magostos".


Friends of Cider and the Good Eating open its doors

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The Association of Friends of Cider and the Good Eating will begin to manage activities in Madrid for the spreading and promotion of cider and gastronomy from the communities of the North of the State.

THE CIDER.- Today 5th of November at 20 hours there will be in Madrid the official presentation of the social headquarters of the Association of Friends of Cider and the Good Eating, an organization aimed to organize activities for the promotion of cider and spreading of the gastronomy from Galice, Asturies y Basque Country with vehicle element of the cider culture.


Asturex supported the cider Asturian agroalimentary sector in the SIAL fair

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In the 26th edition of the fair of agroalimentary industry SIAL which took place in Paris on last weekend, the Society for Exterior Promotion of the Asturian Principality SA (Asturex) began participating with five Asturian companies.

THE CIDER.- The SIAL biannual fair is aimed for a purely professional public and it's one of the most important fairs of the agroalimentary sector along with others like ANUGA in Germany and ALIMENTARIA in BArcelona. Asturex began the common participation with the following companies: Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta SA (CAPSA), Xamones El Castillo S.A., Manuel Busto Amandi, S. A (Mayador), Sidra Trabanco S.A. and Sidra Valle, Ballina y Fernández, S.A. (EL Gaitero) , who presented their products in this important fair of the agroalimentary sector with more thN 200 Spanish companies.


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