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Miércoles, 12 de Agostu de 2015 09:02

The Interceltic Festival of An Oriant with plenty of cider from the first time.

Apart of the many beverages found in Brittany during these days like the excellent Breton beers or the Scottish whiskeys, is mainly known the presence of cider as common point among different countries that have a representation here between the celtic nations: Acadie, Asturies, Cornwall, Brittany, Wales, Galicia, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man.


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Martes, 11 de Agostu de 2015 09:00

One year more LA SIDRA's correspondents moved to the Breton city of An Oriant to cover and enjoy one of the biggest festivals in Europe.

THE CIDER. - In the Interceltic Festival of An Oriant there is a date of all the celtic countries: Acadie, Asturies, Cornwall, Brittany, Wales, Galicia, Scotland, Ireland and Isle of Man, in which the protagonism is for Isle of Man an Cornwall, who lead this edition. There is of course the Asturian delegation with Iñaki Sánchez Santianes ahead and composed by all the groups and artists like Xuacu Amieva, Cerezal, Lakadarma, Tejedor, Banda Gaites el Trasno, Alienda, Filandón and many more.


Álvaro Álvarez Fernández, Mac Crimmon bagpipe winner PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Martes, 11 de Agostu de 2015 08:51

One more year is an Asturian man who gets the international bagpipe award Mac Crimmon in the gaita category (apart of other categories like Highland Pipe), in which every year participate Asturians and Galicians mainly.

THE CIDER.- This is an especial situation because the winner of this year is no other than the last year's winner, so he is the first bagpiper who gets to win the Mac Crimmon Award twice consecutive times. In this contest which takes place in Brittany, in this 45th edition of the Interceltic Festival of Lorient participated 4 Galician bagpipers and 4 Asturian ones.

 It's to be highlighted that the beverage brands both local and international use to support these events and contest inside the festival, being this time a whiskey brand or the Trophy of Celtic Music sponsored by Loic Raison Breton cider.


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Martes, 11 de Agostu de 2015 08:37

This edition the prizes of the first and second place are enhanced and leaving behind the Instagram category.

THE CIDER.- The ninth edition of LA SIDRA's Photography Contest is maintained almost with the same rules of previous editions, but there is not any more the Instagram prize that there used to be to strengthen the second and third place with 200 and 100 € in cash respectively.

Although the Instagram prize experience was not bad the reality was that it was unuseful while making exhibitions (the quality of the picture didn't allow it sometimes), which is a fundamental part of this contest since its aim is to move the pictures during the year around different cider bars to display them in their proper environment.

Cider and traditional proucts at the Interceltic Ferstival of An Oriant PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Martes, 11 de Agostu de 2015 08:03

As it could not be otherwise the protagonist products in An Oriant are the Breton traditional products, cold meats, oysters from the Gulf of Morbihan, the strawberries of Plougastel, kouign amanns or Breton pies and, of course cider.

THE CIDER.- Among the great varietry of Breton products all of them find their gastronomic representation inside this celtic festival and cider is not going to be less, finding it in many different kinds, which gives an idea of the strength this drink has in Brittany and in France.



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