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Domingu, 11 de Setiembre de 2011 19:21

Next Tuesday will take place the final of the XXVII Villaviciosa's Cider Contest in the facilities of the Cortina's cider press.

The Villaviciosa's Cider Contest, that this time celebrates its XXVII edition, is nowadays without any doubt the one of highest category of Asturies, both for its old and for the number of cider presses participating on it.

The last voting will be this Tuesday from 13 to 19 hours at Cortina's Cider Press. The process in which the jury  -a professional and of recognized category one- chooses the best cider among those classificated, and is by itself a proper show usually followed with much interest by more than a hundred people that keep a reverential silence during the process. But with some kind of fluctuations, like when last year there are two ciders were tied and the nerves cannot be prevented among the attending people.


Curiously all this process is done in total anonymity, so neither the jury and the attending public do know at anytime which cider is being tested, what in one hand is truly a guarantee of impartiality, but on the other hand takes a lot of emotion to the contest. Surely it will be necessary to make an effort to go over that situation, what could not need more than a simple glass that prevented the jury to see the public but making possible for the public to see the jury and the cider which is being assessed.

Or even simpler, the jury could be located in an isolated place and the public could check the whloe process in a big screen in which could be said which cider is being tasted. Any measure would be appreciated to enhance a contest whose spectacularity is big but could be infinitely greater.

By the way, last year the triumph was for L'Ynfanzón Cider, from the J.R Cider Press.


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