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Martes, 06 de Setiembre de 2011 09:21

After the Table of Tasting celebrated yesterday in the cider bar "La Chalana" of Xixón, the Cider of Selection exceeds the million bottles corked this year.


The Cider of Selection elaborated by the cider presses Sidra Trabanco, Peñón, Foncueva and Muñiz from 100% apples from our contry, has exceeded the million bottles in his X Annivarsary Season.

This number of bottles has an special relevance if we think that last year the Asturian apple season was quite poor (at this point we still have problems with the harvest), "To exceed the million bottles this year is very important for us, due the shortage of raw material. However, we get to overcome this mark in a very relevant year for us, because we are in the X Anniversary Season of this certificate of quality." explained Samuel M. Trabanco, president of the Cider of Selection.

 First Cider of the Year

As a significative data, this year the Cider of Selection corked this spring, not mixed yet, or what is the same, the First cider of the year, has a consumption of more than 200.000 bottles, a whole record in this new sector of th market in which LA SIDRA is a pioneer since some years ago began to claim for the recovery of the First Cider, whithout mixing, and to organize the First Cider of the Year, that soon will celebrate its third edition.


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