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Llunes, 22 de Agostu de 2011 16:58

Cooking with cider and perry in the International Craft Cider Festival of Cymru. 


The world of the cider is not just the beverage, it is also the meal. So that the masterclasses of the International Craft Cider Festival began with a cooking class by the Sebastian Vanoni, chef of the pub and restaurant Bunch of Grapes of Pontypridd, who made live three very good dishes, apart of simple, that had cider and perry as ingredients, and after that there was a tasting for the experts present there.


Chicken stew in cider and onions with a touch of cider vinegar; trout in cider with vegetables and a little bit of olive oil; and for the dessert a delicacy, wild berries in perry sauce. These were the three culinary creations in cider by Sebastian Vanoni that the cider lovers from all around Europe gathered in the Nelson village.

The delegates of LA SIDRA took good note about the recipes in case of the chance to show them after in our parties.


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