Wine and cider form Asturies PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Llunes, 22 de Agostu de 2011 10:40

We enclose here the video of the II Contest of Wine from the Land of Cangas, Asturian Wine, where you can see not only the good atmosphere, but that the Asturian wine and cider always came by the hand.


We should likewise highlight the great job of the Noreña Pipe Band and the  LA DEVA "Andecha*" of Traditional Culture, whose skills we could enjoy and which gives a little idea the following video.

By the way, the wine from the Monastery of Courias was remarkable, as well as the cider from Alonso. Really tasty.


 *Translator's note: Andecha= action of working in community towards a common goal. 


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