Cider label from Sidra Alonso for Wales PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Llunes, 01 de Agostu de 2011 18:50

Sidra Alonso publishes a new cider label commemorative of its presencie in the International Cider Festival that will take place in Wales.

With the topic of its participation in the International Craf Cider Festival of Cymru, the Alonso Cider Press (Ovín, Nava), that participates representing our traditional cider, has just made a commemorative cider label in Asturian and Welsh to tag all the cider of the event in which Asturies will be represented by LA SIDRA and the cider presses coming with us (Alonso, Buznego, Champanera de Villaviciosa, El Piloñu and CIMA).



Because is a cider label with a very small roll reduced to the cider that is going to be carried to Wales,  there will not be more cider labels for collectors, we will give one to each participant in the next VII Cider Press Tour and each subscriber of the magazine LA SIDRA.


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