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Vienres, 20 de Mayu de 2011 07:33

The next Thursday 26th of May will take place the IV Anniversary of the Cider District, at 20:00 hours, in the El Llano district, i the Xuan Alvargonzález 41 street.

The first of all acts will be managed by  Pelayu Cuaya, LA SIDRA's official piper, playing "Xixón del alma" (Xixón of my soul) among attendees. Then the proclamation shall be managed by the Asturian canoeist eleven times world champion Manuel Busto.

The champion will say a few words about the cider and the district and then give way to the opening of barrels with the traditional firework "Let the cider run!" 

And so will be Manul who tastes the first cider glass of the anniversary, in a free "espicha" way, lke every year. With the firework the barrels will be ope and the cider glasses will be served at a steady pace, especially in the case of "Manolín", the infallible cider pourer robot that never fails in these dates of the Cider District association. 

 Not either wil be mising "Los Cojohonudos" form the Los Angones Cider Press to mess wit their classic comedy around the barrel. Apart of Pelayu Cuaya, the evening will be enlivended by a little pipe band and the "Los Tradones" (The Latecomers) brass band.

After the intervention will be held a popular drinking meeting through the cider bars of this Cider District: Casa Cesar, Bual, La Esquina, El Llabiegu, La Pumarada and El Sauco.


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