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Miércoles, 04 de Mayu de 2011 09:51

As our smartest readers could check, has just open a new section “The Cider”, version in English of the news.

The access to the new section is in the horizontal superior bar  in the upper right side and by clicking on it you enter the English version of the news by in blog format.

Curiously, since we began to offer the English version of the news, in more than once the English readings exceeded the ones in Asturian, specifically Barrel-making at the First Cider of the Year  had 635 visits in English in front of the 459 in Asturian, and the VI Triumphal Sidracrucis 953 visits in English and 784 in Asturian... very significant data that give an idea of the international interest about the cider specifically and about the Asturian cider and its culture in particular.

From we are very conscious of our limitations on the internautical field, but step by step we are walking forwards, so that actually is one of the most visited webs in an international range and we hope that since now we will improve to make of this space a reference of cider and its culture for insiders and outsiders.

Once again we want to remember our readers that is just possible because of the selfless help of our collaborators, and we also want to encourage every lover of the cider, the country or both to give us a hand in this always pleasant work and to contact us at Esta direición elleutrónica ta curiada escontra spam bots. Precisa activase JavaScript para vela


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