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Xueves, 28 de Abril de 2011 06:57

The guided cider tastings performed during the First Cider of the Year had a great participation by the attendees, in such a way that it was necessary to limit the entry to the same.


One of the most significant characteristics of this First Cider of the Year was the interest that the cider guided tastings aroused, which brings out the significant social concern for knowing more and better the features of the cider, both the “natural” cider and other expressions of it (brut, table cider, cider liquors...) or even other kind of ciders, like the case of the German cider, whose guided tasting had to restrict the number of attendees.

The guided tastings began managed by Samuel M. Trabanco, who presented his Cider of Selection of the present year (season 2010) and continued with the presentation in the next days of the Sidre JR by the cidermaker Juan José Tomás and Sidre Canal, guided by Joaquín Fernández.At the afternoons took place the tasting of sparkling cider, table ciders, cider liquors and German cider guided by Manuel G. Busto and Donato X. Villoria, which had a wide participation.

The pictures are courtesy of our collaborator Lujó Semeyes.



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