More than 25.000 cider bottles at the First Cider of the Year PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Miércoles, 27 de Abril de 2011 06:42

With an attendance of almost nine thousand people and more than 25.000 cider bottles consumed, this Second National Agro-alimentary Contest is a whole succeed.





Since its inauguration the 21st, with the participation of the Asturian sportsman Fernan Gonzalez and the Russian journalist Vera Anikina, until its closing with the exciting and funny homage to the historical monologist Xosé Fernández Pandiella, accompanied with the presentation of the new record of Hector Braga, the First Cider of the Year was a constant concatenation of activities, which were fully enjoyed by almost nine thousand people, besides the pleasant weather that accompanied us specially during the first days of the Event. Among the activities we had both serious ones; as conferences, book presentations and cider tastings from different kinds and origins (brut cider, icy cider, table cider, German cider, cider liquors...); and the most recreational ones like the dancing studio, the cider photo-marathon (which gave to the winners their weight in cider), the triumphal welcome to the hard-workers of the Sidracrucis people or the exciting Cuatriada Bowling Contest (in which the winner was the El Piles Bowling Club, from Xixón). Apart of it we also had much other activities like the music from groups like Taranus, La Tira, La Quintana, the Village of Xixón Pipe Band and the LA SIDRA little Band.

In this edition of the First Cider of the Year participated 82 cider presses, some of them through its cider, others through its derived products or “different ciders” (brut, icy cider, liquors...) present in the tastings, and others even presenting their novelties to the market.

At the end were more than two thousand the cider cases consumed, fat that made the organization to replace cider more than once, being impossible to held the eighty two cider presses during the whole event.


LA SIDRA, with the Asturies XXI Foundation begins this event for second consecutive year, in collaboration with the Xixón City Hall through the Department of Asturian Culture.

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