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Miércoles, 27 de Abril de 2011 06:15
Words fail us to define the Sidracrucis, let’s say that it was the cideriest party, only for the brave ones and let’s take a look to the pictures to get an idea.


Party, national music, dances, desire to have fun and cider, lots of ir and good cider, this is the precise combination of the Sidracrucis. This year it took place throughout  the Cider District of Xixón and the Real Way of Cider of Cualloto (Uviéu/Sieru) with a popular drinking meeting at midday at the Villa Condal.Of course, this time to avoid crowding, two groups were made; one began at Cualloto and another at Xixón, so as not to draw the cider bars by arriving everybody at the same time.

The first popular drinking meeting combined both groups as well as the triumphal welcome of the brave cider-drinkers (it was impressive the feminine participation in the event) in the First Cider of the Year was at least exciting. 

The Sidracrucis ended with a huge bean stew dish, which at first frightened somebody (will we be able to eat all of it?), at last made a fully stomach and managed to increase the good mood of these cider-lovers. It was such in that way that the bean stews probably will get to be a necessary part of the next Sidracrucis to celebrate from now to the next centuries.


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