Jenifer Argüelles, Valentín Seoane and Carlos Suárez winners of the I Cider Photo-marathon PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Martes, 26 de Abril de 2011 07:10

Jenifer Argüelles, in the most artistical category, Valentín Seoane in the nicest and Carlos Suárez in the cideriest were the winners of the I Cider Photo-marathon held at the First Cider of the Year 2011.

THE NICEST ONE / THE MOST ARTISTICAL / THE CIDERIESTWith an adequate participation and impressive quality in the pictures presented, the First Cider Photo-marathon establishes as an essential element for posterior editions of the “First Cider of the Year”. The jury, composed by the prestigious photographer Carlos Manuel López "Cámala", the doctor in Fine Arts Rafael Menéndez Muñiz and Xurde Fernández from Los Angones cider press, made a first selection among the presented pictures in each one of the three categories that composed the award (the most artistical one, the nicest one, the cideriest one) and at last the winners were chosen: Jenifer Argüelles, Carlos Suárez y Valentín Seoane.The prize for each one was their own weight in cider, fact that gave some nice moments at the awards act, a dinner for two in the cider bars La Galana, Parrilla Antonio I and El Llavianu respectively, a collection of LA SIDRA magazines and a book of Ancient Pictures of Xixón from the Silverio Cañada Editorial.

The management of this photographic event was work of LA SIDRA collaborator, Lujó Semeyes.