First Cider of the Year Presentation PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Martes, 19 de Abril de 2011 07:06

The reception hall of the Xixón’s City Hall was yesterday the scenario of the presentatios of the First Cider of the Year ’11 counting with the presence of the Councilman of Asturian Culture Jesús Montes Estrada and the representative of the Asturies XXI Foundation Llucía Fernández Marqués, among others.

The presentation of this second edition of the First Cider of the Year had a significant media impact that surely will contribute to the spreading of the proper announcement, as well as its contents. As novelties of this second edition, should be noted the involvement of the catering sector from Xixón, which begin a gastronomic days of the First Cider of the Year, the huge number of cider presses participating (83), the quantity and quality of the complementary activities of this event and the issue of a commemorative stamp of legal tender.