Sunday, April 24th PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Miércoles, 13 de Abril de 2011 17:58

Sunday, April 24th

Dish at the cider bar: “Tortos” with minced meat, with cheese…THE TENT
  • 12:00  Final of the First Cuatriada Bowling Modality Match “First Cider of the Year”.
  • 14:00  Prize presentation of the Cuatriada Match
  • 14:30 Homage to the historical Asturian monologist Xosé Fernández Pandiella “Pandiella”, who will perform a traditional monologue according with the occasion, and which will be presented by the monologist Lluis Antón González and the performance of Héctor Braga, who will present his last record.
  • 13:00 Guided tasting of Cider Brandy by Manuel Busto.
    • El Salvador.  Casería San Juan del Obispo
    • Los Serranos
    • Escanciador