Friday, April 22nd PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Miércoles, 13 de Abril de 2011 17:32

Friday, April 22 nd

Dish at the cider bar: bean stewEntertainment during the whole day by LA SIDRA traditional music band and the Asturian-Breton band LA TIRA



  • 11:30 La Quintana Music School
  • 12:00 First Cuatriada Bowling Modality Match “First Cider of the Year”.
  • 14:00 Presentation and guided tasting of Sidre JR of the year.
  • 18:00 Villa de Xixón Pipe Band.
  • 19:00 Tasting of other ciders and varieties. Shampagne-like cider, brandys and liquors...
  • 19:00  Triumphal reception for the braves of the SIDRACRUCIS
  • 20:00 Performance of LATIRA 
  • 17:00  Presentation of the book “The Asturian Cuisine”.
  • 18:00  Guided Tasting by Manuel G. Busto of:
    • Valverán Brut Cider
    • Prau Monga. Brut Cider by Viuda de Angelón
  • 19:00  Photo Exhibition of the Xixón Cider Festival 2010.
  • 20:00  Conference: “The Cider in Asturies of Santiyana” by Xaviel Vilareyo y Villamil.
  • 21:00  Marinade of Table Cider with cheese by Javier del Valle.