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Thursday, April 21st

Corréu lleutrónicu Asoleyar PDF

Thursday, April 21 st

Dish at the cider bar: Salty omelette or chorizo, or codfish...THE TENT
  • · 12:00 Inauguration of the first Cider of the Year by Jorge Espina, Councilman of Asturian and traditional culture of the Xixón City Council
  • · Pouring of the inaugural “culín” by Félix de la Fuente, champion of Cider Pourers of Asturies 2010
  • · 12: 30 Beginning of the First Cider Photo-marathon. Three categories of prizes: the nicer one, the most artistical one and the cideriest one.
  • · 12:30 First Cuatriada Bowling Modality Match “First Cider of the Year”.
  • · 12: 30 Exhibition of Barrel-making by Argüelles S.L
  • · 14:00  Guided tasting of Trabanco’s Cider of Selection.
  • ·  17:00 Second Demonstration of Asturian Song and Cider with the performance of Ismael Tomás Montes, José Manuel Collado, Belén Antón, Odón García, María Llatores and the piper Llorián García.
  • · 18:00  Ecologic Cider Taste
  • ·  20:00  Performance of the Folk Group Taranus 
  • 12:30 Guided tastings by Manuel Busto of
    • Icy Cider Valverán
    • Icy Cider Panizales
  • 17:00 Presentation of the First Cider of the Year Commemorative Stamp.
  • 17:15 Presentation of the catalogue “Labels of Natural Cider” by its author Miguel Angel García Otero.
  • 18:00 Guided tasting of German cider by the cidermaker Samuel M. Trabanco,
    • Nöll, monovariety Bohnapfel
    • Jörg Stier with Speierling,
    • Trocken, Strenbost 2010
  • 19:00 Photo Exhibition of the Xixón Cider Festival 2010.
  • 19:30 Guided tasting of Brut Cider Pomma Aurea.
  • 20:00 Conference “The cider in the Asturian tradition” by David M. Rivas





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