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Domingu, 03 de Abril de 2011 07:46

SIDRACRUCIS '11. For the very cidery ones, men and women, because we cannot forget that women's presence in this event does not need any "Law of Parity" or special call.

On Friday 22nd of April, from 12:00 am to 10 pm. The most cidery festival ever, a hard route “chigre” to “chigre” (cider-bar to cider-bar) and cider press to cider press, plenty of cider, snacks, 2 “espiches” (popular drinking and eating meeting), Asturian music by the official piper Pelayu Cuaya, and all those who are encouraged to bring bagpipes, accordion, tambourine, or simply those who like singing.

This year is planned to do again the route throughout the Cider Neighborhood (Xixón) and the Camín Rial de la Sidra (Royal Path of the Cider) in Cualloto, stopping by the cider press and “espicha” in Noreña (Cider House Villa Condal), ending with another great drinking meeting in the First Cider of the Year facilities, where there will be a triumphal reception to these champions of cider and the party.

It keeps the price of 40 €, 35 € for LA SIDRA subscribers (really cheap!) and yes, the number of places is limited, so you should be contacting the organization to make the reservation at Esta direición elleutrónica ta curiada escontra spam bots. Precisa activase JavaScript para vela , so as not to have then everybody struggling, and some disappointment about being out.

As a novelty this year we have two different groups with also different routes, also coinciding with the visit to the cider press and the Drinking Meetings ... trying to avoid the crowds that usually occur on the cider bars, and make possible to enjoy things more and better.

But even more! This year the cider labels are numbered and will be one per attendee. There will be no more! so the collectors be on the alert because that is what there is.



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