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Sábadu, 02 de Abril de 2011 07:58

Preba de sidre nel Llagar PiñeraThis month was the Llagar Piñera (Piñera Cider Press), one of the historical ones in the council of Xixón, which was visited by LA SIDRA and where the cidermaker Jose Luis Piñera told us about its activities and guided us through the tasting of the cider barrels at different stages of development.


In the visit of the 26th of March at the Piñera Cider Press we had the opportunity to try its cider, which is corked in two brands: Piñera and La Llosa Serantes (Denomination of Origin).

For the visit, which began at 11:30 in the morning, was waiting for us the cidermaker Jose Luis Piñera, who continues a cider tradition begun by his grandfather and visible throughout the room, because to enter the cider press is the experience of going through a few rooms full of memories about the family business, giving a clear idea of the aim they have about not forgetting their own history.

Coming up here we wanted to have direct contact with the facilities of the press, the various ciders developed or under development, with the apple orchards on the farm there and to talk quietly about some issues that fans usually do not give their importance. The wisdom and explanations of Jose Luis, who lived the cider press since childhood, helped attendees to delve a little further into the world of cider. The most interesting of the visit was probably the tasting we made of the natural cider LLosa Serante, the brand with Designation of Origin of the press, made from apples of the varieties Raxao, Durona de Tresali y Regona, which was declared the best cider of the contest What a Cider! 2011, and we could taste two types, one from 2009 of a steel tank and another from 2010 in a wooden barrel as well as the already corked cider which participated in the contest and in the light of what we saw that it was completely worthy of the prize.

This time we have a huge photo gallery by J. Eloi, Donato Xuaquín Villoria and Lujó Semeyes.

More information in the next issue of LA SIDRA (April)







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