Photographs of Songs form Noreña PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Llunes, 28 de Marzu de 2011 19:33

As we announced LA SIDRA participated in this third edition of the Bar Song Contest from Noreña, and in addition of havinga great time, we offer this photo gallery, thanks to the hard work of Lujó Semeyes.


As you can see by viewing these photographs, the Bar Songs from Noreña are becoming increasingly popular, and at this point, almost it can be considered a cider party reference. It is not just the taste of the chorus, this is the very good reception of the people who was in the bars who had a great time, singing along with choirs or singing on their own.
A very interesting initiative was made by Infonoreña by?? broadcasting the event through a webcam, so that lots of people who were unable to attend were given the chance to have a great time too.
More information at April edition of LA SIDRA