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Martes, 29 de Marzu de 2011 08:56


The objective of this contest is to show through pictures the various aspects related to the cider and the environment: ethnography, plasticity, its human and social side and everything that the participants and the jury can understand that transmits Asturian cider culture.

·        All participants must provide personal data such as name, ID number, telephone number, and contact details, for the purpose of any notices regarding the contest or in case their work wins.

·         Before the start of the marathon participants must register in the specified place, presenting the digital camera that will participate and a blank memory card.

·        The organization will take a picture in that card which must not be deleted and during the photo - marathon the participants will be able to make a maximum of 10 photographs that have to be consecutive to the photo taken by the organization, so as not to allow the parcipants to delete or remove any of the photos taken.

·        It is recommended that if the camera can shoot in RAW format, is fired in raw + jpg, to count the shots, not the files that will obviously be the double.

·         The organization reserves the right to mark the memory card presented by pen, stamp or similar that does not alter the functionality of the same

·        At the time indicated by the organization to deliver the photographs, all participants must have come to the indicated place, and handed his memory card to download it.

·         There are three categories established:o   -The nicer oneo   -The most artistical oneo   - The most cider-related one

 ·        The jury will establish three photographs for each category, being essential to be present at the delivery, in cause of absence, it will pass to the 2nd selected, if not the third and if not the prize will not be awarded. 

·         Copyright: The participants authorize LA SIDRA. Ensame sidreru, publication or reproduction of the works presented without any limitation and with the sole purpose of spreading the main objective of this contest. To this effect itmis stablished thar LA SIDRA. Ensame sidreru, is only obliged to mention the author explicitly without paying any type of subscription rights.

·        The winning authors and mentioned shall provide LA SIDRA the digital file of the winning entry to reproduce it in catalogs, leaflets, etc.

·        Contestants will be responsible to be the sole authors of the work presented and that no third party rights in the works, as well as any claim for royalties.

Taking part in this competition implies the full acceptance of these rules. The decision to be taken by any occurrence not foreseen in these rules will be up to LA SIDRA, who will decide the best option, no right to appeal. 








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