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Xueves, 10 de Marzu de 2011 06:20
LA SIDRA will atted the Apfelwein im Römer with its own sand, in which will disclose the Asturian cider in Germany and the announcement of the First Cider of the Year.


A “LA SIDRA” delegation will attend thel Apfelwein im Römer to kwnow first hand the International Cider Fair, to make contact with cider presses all around the world while disclosing the Asturian cider in Germany and present Primer Sidre l’Añu 2011  (First Cider of the Year).

To do this will have its own stand at the fair, and distribute various materials published in German and English (posters, general brochure on the Asturian cider, a triptych on the convening of the Primer Sidre l'Añu ...). The good work done by our collaborator Eduardo Coto, allows the Asturian cider this year to have a very good representation in the Römerim Apfelwein, now that besides the presence of cider, will be present the Trabanco Group, the largest producer of cider of the State, who will inaugurate the Second International Gourmet Menu of the Cider, which will take place on Saturday 12 March at the Hotel Hessischer Hof 5stars and will be attended by participants in this event.
The International Cider Fair Römer im Apfelwein  will take place in Frankfurt on 12th and 13th of March and is expected to harbor about a thousand visitors, including journalists, food critics and professionals in the sector of cider.

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