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Miércoles, 09 de Mayu de 2012 15:22

On next Sunday 13th of May will take place the 13th Cider Tasting at Gascona Street of Uviéu.

As usually, from 12 of the midday and until the 14:30 takes place a popular drinking meeting for free, where people will be able to taste cider and participate in the popular tasting.

This time 12 cider presses will participate: Cortina, El Gobernador, Foncueva, Vallina, Trabanco, Canal, Herminio, La Nozala, L'Argayón, Menéndez, Muñiz and Roza.

The official tasting will count with a jury composed by: Orlando Valledor, Maximino Villarrica, Joaquín Cernuda, Severino Cueva and Belisario Suárez, being Pablo Álvarez the cider pourer, Asturies' Champion 2011.

Gascona's Cider Tasting is a cidery celebration which even when the small participation of just twelve cider presses (those usually serving cider at Gascona Street), has earned a special place for the cider lovers, for the good management of the organizators and the aim of the cidermakers to offer the best of their cider to the attendees.


You must be at Gascona this Sunday!!!


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