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Domingu, 01 de Abril de 2012 12:17

Loyal to our aim to spread the Asturian cider culture, we deepen into an Asturian-German cultural exchange.


Until now, German expert cidermakers, scholars of the cider and other cider lovers, who came to know us and we dare to say they went home happy and glad.

Even when they stayen just for four days in Asturies, their schedule was quite full, with a visit to the Cider Museum of Nava, three popular drinking meetings (in Tierra AsturEstrada and el Palaciu de Lliberdón) visita to three industrial cider presses (Estrada, Trabanco and El Gaitero) and another in home, in the nice village of Carbayal (Llaviana), they also had a travel trough the cider bars of Xixón and a coast walk ending with a traditional meal in Llastres y Tazones.

We should not forget that all theese visitors cane form the Hessen area, probably the region of Europe where there is a cider culture so close to ours, regarding spreading, knowledge and cider tradition.

Among them, there were Gerhard and Alexander Nöll form Nöll Cider Press, Jörg Stier, from Stier Cider Press and investigator in the field of cider, Norman Groh, from Weidmann & Groh Cider Press, Coady Buckley, Australian cidermaker and some people that on their own -like the work we do here by LA SIDRA Magazine in ASturies- work by spreading the German cider around the world. We will meeet them again back there in our visit to Frankfurt for the celebration of the Apfelwein in Römmer festival.


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