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Llunes, 26 de Marzu de 2012 21:19

The Museum of the Asturian Village, in Xixón, will welcome the days 5th to 8th of April the event of the "III First Cider of the Year", which with we recover and enhance the tradition of the popular drinking meetings of the Holy Week.

It's coming soon, there is a little time left for the greatest cider party of the year, which cheers us up in Spring and shows us how will be the cider of the new season: The First Cider of the Year.

In this third edition we are proud to offer, in exclusive, the chance to taste the first cider of the year of the 2012 season coming from the barrels of the most "industrial" Asturian cider presses in active today.



We don't think is possible to offer you more cider presses than the last years', because in 2011 edition of the First Cider of the Year there was just one cider press which did not want to participate in the party, fact that made us the Cider Event with more participating cider presses, by far.





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