Important repercussion of the release "Cider vs street drinking" PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Llunes, 06 de Febreru de 2012 12:51

LA SIDRA's release asking the exclusion of the cider in the Street Drinking ordinance of Xixón had huge media and social impact.

 The release in which we defend the cider consumption in public places as a part of our sociocultural reality and in which we claim this tradition to be respected in the Street Drinking Ordinance just to be approved in Xixón, has an enormous media repercussion. It appeared in the main Asturian media and it also had an important social impact, expresses in the comments of the new, the e-mails sent to LA SIDRA and in the conversations in the cider bars of Xixón, where the possibility that the anti-botellon law could be an excuse to prohibit the consumtion of cider was severely criticized, with the regrettable act of "copy-paste" Spanish laws in Asturies, with public and remarkable contempt to our identity as Asturians.





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