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Llunes, 06 de Febreru de 2012 12:01


LA SIDRA asks cider to be excluded from the ordinance of the "Street drinking", because the cider consumption in public areas is a part of our sociocultural reality and has to be respected.

LA SIDRA has just requested the Xixón's Town Hall that it is reflected expressly as an exception in the Ordinance of the Street Drinking, the consumption of cider in public places, because it always was traditional in our city, the same as in the rest of the whole country, and it never brought the problems linked to the street drinking. It can not be considered at any case as a public health problem, but an expression of our ancestral cider culture, which has to be not just both protected and respected, but incentivizen in the extent possible.

From LA SIDRA we are conscious that as the town councilor of public safety, the current draft took as references the ordinances of cities like Barcelona and also a text frame of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (SFMP), and he understands that thus it does not collect the singularity of the cider. He considered that the aim it is not another copy of the Spanish laws in Asturies, but to adapt them to our sociocultural reality gathering specially the exceptionality of the cider consumption in public places.

For LA SIDRA it would be regrettable that as a consequence of the laws to control the foreign habit of the "botellón" and the public health problems linked to it, it ends up hurting one of our most authentic cultural expressions, likewise that time when previous corporations tried to prohibit to pour cider outside of the catering establishments.




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Can't believe it, simply can't.

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