LA SIDRA organizes a visit to "El Gaiteru" cider factory PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Domingu, 15 de Xineru de 2012 13:51

Next Sunday 22nd of January, and inside the round of visits through Asturian cider presses which LA SIDRA will organize during the year, we will visit the historical facilities of the Valle, Ballina y Fernández Company in La Espuncia -Villaviciosa-.

During the visit we will have the chance to know this facilities of this emblematic company, the manufacturing process of the different products by "Sidra el Gaitero" and kniw first hand all these questions we believe interesting about that business and its products.


In the visit we will count with the presence of the photographer Bill Bradshaw, who will take the oportunity of his stay in Asturies to get documented and take pictures for his book IAMCIDER, about cider around the world.

The number of vacancies is, as usually, restricted, and this time it's for free, courtesy of El Gaitero S.A.

To confirm the attendance you must contact us at:  Esta direición elleutrónica ta curiada escontra spam bots. Precisa activase JavaScript para vela  or at 652 594 983



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