The deadline for the 3rd Emilio Trabanco Essay Contest has expired PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Llunes, 05 de Avientu de 2011 21:20

On the first day of this month of December the deadline to present to the 3rd Emilio Tranbanco Essay Contest has expired, existing 5 works presented.

The participation in this 3rd call is very similar to the previous ones, with five works (two in Asturian and three in Spanish), but it seems that their quality is considerably higher, but we still waiting the jury's assesment.

David Rivas will be the jury's president which will have to choose among the works presented, and it will be composed by people of recon¡gnized relevance in the cider world.


The “Emilio Trabanco Trabanco” Essay Contest is an initiative organized by LA SIDRA magazine, a publication with sime years of experience in the cider sector. Trabanco Group sponsors this award, with which they contribute to the study and spread of all these topics that do define the Asturian cider culture.

The cider and the apple in the Asturian painting" was the winner of the 2dn Emilio Trabanco Trabanco Essay Contest, work by Arántzazu Ortiz, which exposes the relevance of the cider as a principal figure of 400 paintings and engravings from different eras. LA SIDRA will soon edit that book.



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