Carlos Rubiera reaffirms the compromise of Foru Asturies with the cider PDF Asoleyar Corréu lleutrónicu
Martes, 25 de Ochobre de 2011 17:35

In the press conference to present the I International Exhibition of Gala Ciders organized by LA SIDRA, the Councilman of Culture, of the Xixón City Hall and the President of the Municipal Foundation of Culture reaffirmed their compromise with the Asturian cider and announced interesting novelties.


Carlos Rubiera highlighted not only the relevance of the cider as an element of the Asturian culture, but moreover reaffirmed his compromise and of his political party, Foru Asturies, that recently formed a working committee for the Asturian culture area, with the recognition of the cider as universal heritage of the mankind.

Xose Nel Riesgo by his part remarked that for the Foundation will be a rpiority the modernization of those cultural elements that are consubstantial to the specific Asturian identity, assessing positively the I International Exhibition of Gala Ciders as represents a way of enforcing the new uses and social values around the cider. Likewise he emphasized the role of the cider not just as a source of culture but also wealth, remembering that the agroalimentary industry linked to it generates about nine thousand jobs in Asturies.

He did also remind that another important aspect of this industry is its ecological contribution, so it helps the maintenance and conservation of the Asturian rural landscapes porperly.


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