The CIFP Hostelry and Tourism of Asturies has been preparing a draft for months about a degree and has the support of the PDO.

LA SIDRA.- On LA SIDRA's 159th issue that has just been released there was a shocking interview in which it is said that the CIFP of Hostelry and Tourism of Asturies is drafting a project to offer a training specialty in cider. That is, a waiter's specialist degree in our national drink. One of the people responsible for this draft is Juan Luis García, technical professor of FP in restoration services and head of studies of the cited center. He says that in the CIFP there will be two training cycles in the specialty of Services, which are: Medium-level Training Cycle of Services in Restoration and Training Cycle of Higher Degree of Service Management in Restoration. In both there is the cafeteria-bar module where all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are studied. And that's where cider is included.

In addition, added Garcia, we have long been working in the specialty of cider. "We have been editing the draft for two months now. It is a specific degree for Asturies - for the moment - for all those unemployed or who want to learn, to learn cider service. In the draft we speak about - among other things - the apple, the different ciders with the current regulations, service and treatment of natural cider and other types, organoleptic analysis of ciders, tasting guides, we have included a specific module of the PDO and we see what is the legislatio on cider and the brand Sidrerías of Asturies Natural Quality . We will present it to the State Public Employment Service, and if it passes, we will offer it straightaway. "

We then asked him when it could be offered,  the professor replied: "It takes time, but we expect it for the 2017- 218 course. We don't know it exactly since it does not depend on us since once the project has been presented, it must go through the proper administrations for its handling. It should be noted that in this training specialty or degree, the cider pouring will be important, but also everything else around cider: how it'ss elaborated, how to treat it, the various varieties that exist, tasting .... It is an integral formation. And we are also being supported by the PDO, it is essential to have this support. The Regulatory Admonition sees this training as necessary. "

It has been carried out in Foncueva Cider Mill and there are also Trabanco, Peñón and Muñiz, all four are part of the quality brand.

LA SIDRA.- Yesterday took place the first of the Training Days Sidre d'Escoyeta (Cider of Selection). A course to which the College of Critics, media and bloggers were invited. Between the last two: -Les Fartures, Empáchate, Lloca pola sidra, la sidae ta de moda, Omacatladas, Fartúcate, Non te quedes ensin comelo nin bebelo, TPA, Gastroastur, The Wandering S and LA SIDRA. MAgazine.The objective of the day was to make known in depth the aforementioned guarantee mark, what processes are developed, what differences it presents with conventional natural cider, who are part of this project and what role has each of the professionals who contribute to the Cider of Selection.

LA SIDRA Nb. 159 corresponding to March 2017


LA SIDRA.- Issue corresponding to March of 2017 with interview with Juan Luis García, technical professor of FP of restaurant and hostelry and tourism, where he explains the formative aspects around cider. In this issue there is also information about the next Sidracrucis and the First cider of the Year as well as much more cider information.

LA SIDRA magazine in collaboration with the Asturies XXI Foundation sent an international delegation to the German cider fair thus to give to know our country, its culture, cider itself and specially the seventh edition of of the International Hall of Gala Ciders (SISGA / IHGC).

As usually LA SIDRA sent an itnernatiola delegation to maintain its continuous participaton in this German event, representing the Asturian cider –specially the DOP one- while giving ton know the International Hall of Gala Ciders, well known after so many years, as well as promoting the participation of the companies here and raising interest about our country.

The Apfelwein International – formerly Apfelwein Weltweit- is currently the main cider related event in Germany, developed in the elegant an historical frame of the Palmengarten, the Frankfurt’s Palm Garden. Here people have the chance to taste more than 250 different varieties of cider from more than 50 exhibitors participating.

On the next 114th of April the cider lovers will have the privilege to participate in the cideriest procession ever: the Sidracrucis.

LA SIDRA.- There is no such passion like the one of the Sidracrucis' cider lovers, a true passion for cider that takes them in an idyllic pilgrimage to cider bars and cider mills to prove their love for this beverage.

The utmost Asturian procession will have coaches departing from Uviéu, Xixón and Avilés. There will also be folk music, snacks for the body and cider for the soul. It will take place int the cidery councils of Xixón and Villaviciosa from 12 of the midday to 10 in the afternoon.

To let you get ready, this is the route:


Caveda 7. Xixón.


Saavedra 3. Xixón.

The impressive increase in the flow of visita to takes us to a process of general renewal to enhance our services.

LA SIDRA.- As the readers of could assess, this month there were some issues with our web site, being even unavailable for some days. The reason? The astonishing increase of visits that reached the top allowed by the broad band and overwhelmed the server we had. Thus we were forced -happily forced, we must admit- to get into a renewal process of our site to improve its performance and update it according to the times.

On Saturday 18th of March there was the IV edition of the contest for the Best First Cider of the Year. There were 40 cider mills inscribed and 8 got to the finals.

LA SIDRA.- The contest, organized by LA SIDRA Magazine and ASTURIES XXI FOUNDATION took place at El Otru Mallu cider bar of Xixón, 15 Sanz Crespo Street. The first part begun at 16:00 when the eght finalists came up: Canal, Herminio, Estrada, Buznego, Juanín, Piloñu, Cabueñes and L’Allume. It was going to be just 5 but there was a tie in scores.


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