Ria Windcaller, author of the blog Cider Chat, the very only podcast about cider with a weekly issue and international content, will have an especial space for the Asturian cider, LA SIDRA and mainly the International Hall of Gala Ciders (IHGC / SISGA) 2016.


LA SIDRA.- During the last edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders Ria Windcaller, American journalist, attended to cover the information of this international event, to discover Asturian cider culture and to interview some of the participants, both Asturian as international ones.

This is the first year she attends personally the SISGA although it's not the very first time for this event to appear in the press of the United States, but the first time in such a specific media as Cider Chat, about the cider culture, a media that has a wide international prestige and that uses to interview worldwide cider makers and to attend to the most important cider events around the world.

On net 30th of November ends the offer for Diamantes de Hielo for 9 €.

THE CIDER.- The great offert of ice cider by Viuda de Angelón Cider Mill, with three euro discount, comes to an end this month, so it's only two days left to take advantage of this chance to buy sucha high quality product (awarded SISGA 2014, 15 and 16) for such an affordable price.

The great response of cider lovers to this offer takes us to the point of offering a new discount every month, either cider or any other product related to it. Next month we will ve having two great COEM automatic cider pourers to be offered the 1st day of the month, with the features you can check on this month's LA SIDRA issue.

This offer will be available until 30th of December or end of stocks.

For more information look at the webpage lasidra.as

The event 'RoxMut, Celebra lo que Yes' (Celebrate what you are) offers craft snacks from 21 November to 21 December.

THE CIDER.- More than thirty restaurants from Uviéu and Xixón participate in the event "Winter Vermouth, Celebrate what you are" which will take place from 21st of November to 21st of  December to enjor a snack before midday with the best snacks paired with Roxmut cider.

This gastronomic event was presented on 23rd of November along the "Perfect serve" of the design drink by Nacho Capín, which also manages the formation of the participating establishments. For a month all of them will be offering classic and custom snacks to pair with the cider vermouth.

"We have to be very nationalists with cider, with what is ours" stated Samuel Trabanco in the presentation of the new image of the new "Poma Aurea".

LA SIDRA.- Poma Áurea reinvents itself, enhances the formula and renews its aspect actualizing it and making it finer if possible. The new presentation took place yesterday at the facilities of Trabanco Cider Mill in Sariegu with the presence of personalities from the sector such as Tino Cortina, President of the DOP, José Almeda, president of the touristic Asturian entrepreneurs or the councilwoman of Rural Development María Jesús Álvarez.

In the presentation Samuel Trabanco, manager of Trabanco Group gave a speech claiming for a defense of not only Asturian cider but also the whole sector from the harvester to the cider maker stating that "we have to be more nationalist with cider, with what is ours". In a similar way spoke José Almeida, who asked Asturians to consume all the cider we produce, and even the councilwoman have some words of support for the cider as identitary element. We wish the "Principality" would share her words and stop performing their official acts with "Spanish wine".

This year there will be given away hundreds of cider liters and a ton of baked chestnuts.

THE CIDER.- Amagüestos (popular Fall celebrations) in Corvera are someting more than a tradition kept for immemorial times in which neighbors participate and enjoy. Thus the council offers a popular amagüestu to be held on Saturday 12th of November from 5:30 pm at Los Mayestros Square of Les Vega. In case of rain it will be at Cientru Tomás Valiente. There will be given away fro free a ton of baked chestnuts and five hundred liters of apple juice. The event wil have the preformance of El Felechu brass band.


This project was presente by Foro and asks the Asturian Government to encourage the actions towards the support of traditional and sparkling cider.

THE CIDER.- FORO's president Cristina Coto defended today in a session of the Board the Proposal by his group for measures for the promotion of cider from Asturies.

After its unanimous approval Cristina Coto said that "Asturian cider puts together all the qualities of tradition, popularity, healthy consumption, creation of employment, added value, settlement of the restaurant sector, cultural fact and touristic appeal that shoudl gather more attention by the "Principality".

In this event participated champagnes, cavas and three cider mills of brut cider.

THE CIDER.- This was the seventh edition of "Burbujas", an event that puts together cava, champagne and sparkling cider. It took place in the Oca Palaciu La Llorea Hotel, located in the road Xixón-Villaviciosa. Burbujas 2016 is organized by El Comercio and Gustatio with the sponsorship of the Adarsa car dealer.

As usually on the morning took place Gastroburbujas, a meeting that allowed restauranteurs to taste products paired with sparkling products, like Jamón Beher, Foie Martiko, Ostras Daniel Sorlut, Conservas la Brújula, Setas Silvestres and desserts by Poison Apple.

Heineken prepared a strong adverising campaigns for America and United Kingdom.

THE CIDER.- The great European beer intertational companies got it clear: the cider consumption is each time bigger in the world and that's why they want their piece of the cake. One of the great companies of this kind, Heineken, bet years ago for introducing the cider label Strongbow in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Caribbean and USA.

Their intention is to get that 50% of the market in that continent. Their expectations were not fulfilled. To introduce cider as a non seasonal beverage is difficult. Although now they're resuming efforts and for these days they are preparing important advertising campaigns for the beer and cider consumption. Both in American and Europe.