The official beginning of the Atlantic Cider Arc is today, with the innauguration of LA SIDRA's photography exposure.


LA SIDRA.- The cider tent is open from 12 of the midday every day with a wide selection of ciders from the Atlantic Arc and the public activities are scheduled for the afternoon. The first one will be the exposure of the awarding pictures from 10th LA SIDRA's Photography Contest, then at 19:30 the conference "Cider in the photography" by Luis José Vigil-Escalera Quintanal. Especialized cider photographer, with several national and international awards, member of the Statal Confederation of Photography and president of LA SIDRA's Photography Contest.

The renowned Norman cider makers will participate at the International Hall of Gala Ciders (SISGA / IHGC '17) 


LA SIDRA.- During the personal interview to LA SIDRA's journalists, Eric Bordelet highlighted his interest on the IHGC / SISGA project and to participate in next edition, taking place from 29th September to 1st October in Xixón. Eric Bordelet is a reference in the international cider field, putting together experience and knowledge that allows him to develop his own product philosohpy, which defines the “savoir faire” of Bordelet (Charchigné. Normandy). This is why his cider, perry and calvados have an unanimous recognition among the professionals of the sector.The participation of this cider maker and cider artist means a big support for this event's link of cider with high gastronomy while developing the knowledge of cider in an international environment where cider makers are the protagonists.

  LA SIDRA Nb. 163 corresponding to July 2017


LA SIDRA.- Release corresponding to july of 2017 with information about the "Principality's" sentence by the High Court of Justice on LA SIDRA, presentation of Asturies DOP's new harvest, Nava's Cider Festival, tastings, suggestions, Gastronomic Asturies and much more news about the cider world

This year the Atlantic Arc Festival will have an especial space for cider from the Atlantic Europe.

The Cider Arc will definitely be one of the main events inside Xixón's Cider Arc, with an exposure of the 22 pictures from LA SIDRA's Photography Contest and a bunch of activities with cider as protagonist. This is, cider from all around Europe and especially from countries with minorized languages, also protagonists of this "Sea of languages": Galician, Asturian, Portuguese (Mirandese, dialect of Asturian), Basque, Ocitan and Breton. Those will be the center of the Cider Arc, with a day decicated to each of them from 25th to 30th of July, although we will be there from friday 21st.

The tent of the Cider Arc will be locate at the Sports harbor, at Queen's Gardens and daily will offer tastings of cider from Asturies and from the rest of Atlantic Europe.

El Gaitero Group releases this beverage, suitable for this season for its easy format, versatility, taste and freshness.

LA SIDRA.- El Gaitero Group has released this Summer its cider in small bottle format, and already got an award: Best Heterogeneous Cider in Nava's Cider Festival. "Few things are better now than enjoying a fresh drink by the sea... or the swimming pool. And with a good snack, of course. If it's about imagining, we could also ask for a bottle to take everywhere, low in calories and alcohol. Wish fulfilled! El Gaitero Small Bottle makes this dream come true for the Summmer and besides has its alcohol-free version and a brand new format: cider can by El Gaitero, to take it everywhere" as they say.

Likewise they highlight its comfortable format -smaller than the usual-, nice and with a "delicious taste".

People denounce that there are bottle with awful quality and because of it some prefer to drink beer or drinks instead.

LA SIDRA.- "I like cider and when I go to a party that's what I like to drink. But sometimes you are served even some things... like vinegar and you simpl can't drink that. Then I better ask for another drink" states Alfonso. He and his friends usuall attend the popular celebrations and wait with expectation for the good weather and the festivities to begin. "Popular parties in Asturies are unique, my girlfriend is from León and she comes with her friends over here. But when we come we don't ask for cider knowing it won't be good. Before they let you bring your own but not anymore. I agree to pay for entrance but we know that it's easy to be served poor quality cider and even expensive" states him.

The work bt the illustrator Juan Herraz reminds Botticelli's masterpiece "The Birth of Venus".

LA SIDRA.- The XXVI edition of Xixñon's Cider Party will be held on the last week of August -from 19th to 27th- and already has an official poster, work of Juan Herraz, in which Pelayu takes the place of one of the characters of "The birth of Venus", pouring cider over a Venus holding cider bottles.

The poster advertises this cider event from Xixón inside and outside the country through posters, urban facilities, releases and social networks. It should be highlighted that Xixón's Cider Party has been declared Good of Regional Touristic Interest.

The XXX International Cider Pourers Contest had twenty participants among which Jeison Franco, cider pourer from EL Madreñeru cider bar (La Pola Siero), won.

LA SIDRA.- With a participation a little bit smaller than the usual, the XX International Cider Pourers Contest met the expectations of the people and had a great public following. As usually the results were quite tight, with Jeison Franco as winner (El Madreñeru) followed by Jonathan Trabanco (Los Portales. Siero), Wilkin Aqules (Los Mallu. Xixón), Pablo Álvarez (La Fonte Villoria. Llugones) fourth, and Asturies 2016 Champion, Salvador Ondó (Los Mallu, Xixón) got the fifth place.

In the local category the winners were Alexandra Castellanos (Fonte Villoria. Llugones) and Saúl Moro (Prida. Nava).


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