LA SIDRA Nb. 158 corresponding to February of 2017


LA SIDRA.- Release corresponding to February of 2017 with interview with the Doctor Jesús Bernardo about the vurtues of cider and Cantabric diet, the awards of the C LA SIDRA's Photography Contest, the label Cider Bars of Asturies, Madrid Fusión, several articles about cider oenology and much more cider information.

The renowned modist Francis Montesinos will present today at 6:30 pm his collection "Adan and Eve in the Natural Paradise", in which the DOP Cider will be the protagonist.

LA SIDRA.- The Valencian designer has prepared a collection ispired in Asturias, land very dear to him, in which he will have an exceptional element: the DOP Cider of Asturies.

Furthermore,  it will be the first time that a drink is part of a fashion show in the old Cibeles Catwalk, and it will be precisely the Asturian cider, which aims this way for a further recognition of its identitary character over the beverage itself.

On Sunday 26 there will be steak, fabada, crab cake, Cabrales cheese and plenty of cider poured by Alejandro Sanz Rodríguez.

LA SIDRA.- If on next Sunday 26th you come around Guadalajara, you can't miss the Asturian vermouth that is going to take place in the restaurant El Fogón del Vallejo, located in Vicente Aleixandre street, 45, in Alovera.

It's going to be a true Asturian celebration since there will be a wide representation of our gastronomy such as cachopo, fabada, spider crab cake, Cabrales cheese, country music and of course cider. The cider pourer Alejandro Sanz Rodríguez is the organizer of this gastro-folkloric encounter - along with the aforementioned restaurant. Sanz has been at times champion of the cider pourer tournament of 'Peña Las Torres' in Azuqueca de Henares.

The innkeepers have deepened in the knowledge of the cider with denomination of origin to ecourage to its consumption.

LA SIDRA.- The CR DOP Sidre de Asturias organized yesterday a technical day for Asturian hoteliers, with the aim of deepening the knowledge of this product and its application in the business area of ​​restaurants and cider bars.

From the CR DOP Sidre de Asturias so doing to teach the consumers a knowledge about the quality products protected by the Denomination of Origin and to sensitize the innkeepers on the positive aspects that compromise theirconsumption.

A LA SIDRA’s delegation went to Cornwall to visit it and establish relations.


Cornwall (Kernow), celtic nation of Great Britain has a big yet unknown cider tradition beyond its borders. It was in the west of the island where an International Delegation of LA SIDRA went to visit various cider mills. While we knew a little about the Cornish culture and enjoyed the landscape we could not less than admire both the great beauty as well as the similarity with Asturies, lands full of green and quite the right place for apple production.

This year begun with the surpressive presence of a Japanese cider pourer in Xixón, specifically in Trabanco's in Llavandera.

LA SIDRA.- This story begun like a year ago when a Japanes marrige in love of the Peninsula opened in Tokyo the Camino de Santiago restaurant.

During these days both both the owners and the manager and the cook, Yanagida Taisuke, are visiting Asturies to give to know a little less about our gastronomy and Asturian cider culture. For some months now they import Trabanco cider in Tokyo and now they came to know the facilities and the elaboration process.

The surprise was when after looking at the cider bar in Llavandera they asked to ask with the manager, Yolanda Trabanco, if the waiter could stay there some days to learn how to pour cider and cook fabada, cachopu, filled onions, and rice with milk... Yolanda agreed since she thought that "anything for promoting our gastronomy and our culture is good for Asturies". So after all the waiter did great pouring ider "and it seems he has been doing that all his life!", states Yolanda.

After next month, Asturian gastronomy will have more protagonism in this restaurant from Tokyo, that aims to be the Asturian reference in Japan. A funny story is that here nobody could learn his name and they call him "Taichan".

LA SIDRA's vidio at Les Praeres cider bar is already a viral phenomenon with over 250.000 visits in less than 48 hours. 


LA SIDRA.- To get more than 250.000 visits is a remarkable fact but it is even more to do it in less than 48 hours, with over 110.000 plays, shared around 2.000 times and over 1.000 comments... That is viral... and keeps growing.

As people surely remembers, the video shows a little female deer knocking on the door of the cider bar to ask for Ladino, the owner of Les Praeres -Nava- and beg him for some apples.

All this is part of a nice story that we invite you to know live at the cider bar by Ladino while you enjoy some bottles and the nice menu they have.

Ria Windcaller, author of the blog Cider Chat, the very only podcast about cider with a weekly issue and international content, will have an especial space for the Asturian cider, LA SIDRA and mainly the International Hall of Gala Ciders (IHGC / SISGA) 2016.


LA SIDRA.- During the last edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders Ria Windcaller, American journalist, attended to cover the information of this international event, to discover Asturian cider culture and to interview some of the participants, both Asturian as international ones.

This is the first year she attends personally the SISGA although it's not the very first time for this event to appear in the press of the United States, but the first time in such a specific media as Cider Chat, about the cider culture, a media that has a wide international prestige and that uses to interview worldwide cider makers and to attend to the most important cider events around the world.