The event's presentation will take place today at 12h at Casa la Palmera in Xixón.

The Open Tasting will be held on Saturday 30th from 12 to 21h at Colexata San Xuan Bautista in Xixón.

LA SIDRA.- One more year comes one of the top days of sparkling cides worldwide. On next 29th, 30th of September and 1st October, cider mills from 15 different countries will meet at the VII International Hall of Gala Ciders -SISGA / IHGC 2017-, a meeting in which the top quality cider makers show and offer their most relevant products in a congress full of activities both for producers as for the general public.

The official presentation will be today at Casa la Palmera in Xixón at 12h with a press conference to discuss the details of the event. There will be the interventions of Carme Pérez -Asturies XXI Foundation and organizer of the event-, Jesús Martínez Salvador, councillor of Tourism, Sports, Youth and Celebrations of Xixón and Celestino Cortina, president of the DOP Regulatory Council Cider of Asturies.

The Asturies XXI Foundation makes an announcement for volunteers to collaborate with the seventh edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders.

LA SIDRA.- The VII International Hall of Gala Ciders exceeds the participation expectations both to a national and international level, and increases the activities of the event. Such as extra activities on the day before, the I Meeting for Journalists and Cider Bloggers. Thus there will be needed more people to join the crew of the event.

The level of volunteering would depend on the person interested, since the options are many, from translator work (French, English, German, Italian, Danish, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Japanese...), logistic issues (transport, setting, stands, service...), advertisement, information, announcements, social networks... A whole set of activities that demand as much collaboration as possible.

The Basque PDO cider hopes to raise up to 10 million kilograms of apple, which will mean a never-seen-before harvest.

LA SIDRA.- After the Euskal Sagardoa PDO Press statement –which starts now its second harvesting season- the apple prospects for this year are very positive, hopping to raise up to 10 million kilograms, with some differences on the ripening depending on how autumnal the types of apple can be.

In Euskal Herria they did already begin to apple smashing in September since they have quite an early season this year, and they expect to end it on the first week of October.

The Cachopo Guide supports the 1st Cachopo Festival from the 14th to the 17th of September, in Madrid Las Rozas bullfighting arena.

LA SIDRA.- A total number of 9 Asturian restaurants from Madrid will take part on this event, most of them having won several Cachopo contests of the city, as well as the Asturian winner of the Best Cachopu and Cachopín in 2017: Pichote’s cider bar from Uviéu.

A wide range of our country’s dishes will be served on this food festival, not taking the attention from the most important one –which is having a great success in all the State. A stand will be installed inside the bullring with various Asturian products like cheeses, cold meats, pasties, tinned food, bollos preñaos (chorizo stuffed bread), etc. The children will also have an area for their own, with live gigs every day from 7:30 p.m.

Cider Pourers’ Contest and wide musical schedule

LA SIDRA.-  The Gascona Cider Bars’ Association adds to the Uviéu’s San Matéu festivities a special program which starts this Friday with de Cider Pourers’ Contest on its 16th edition, with general and local categories as well as one for the professional cider pourers. This contest has important retributions for the winners, something that eventually proves a professional, trustful point on a cider pourer resume.

The festival tent –near the identifying cask of the street- holds many concerts from 9 to 11 p.m. Friday 15th will be Cum Laude’s positive and cheerful music concert. Lady Llagar –which had a wide success on the Muyeres Fest- will play a range of different song styles on Saturday, 16th. Sunday, 17th will be the turn of Son del Carmen, an Asturian group with more than a decade on its backs playing Cuban boleros and tunes.

This cider mill from Xixón won in the 33rd Asturian Cider Contest held in n Villaviciosa.


LA SIDRA.- Trabanco got 95 points in this 33rd Asturian Cider Contest of Villaviciosa. The finals held yesteray at 7 pm and gave only 8 bottles which were not disclosed. In the first round Trabanco got a score of 45 points. The six judges gave it 9 points each.

It happened the same with another participant cider "number 5", which got exactly the same score, but the tie was cleared in thre second round. The 1st cider, by the cider mill from Llavandera, got 10 points so it reached the first place in the podium, with the second with 93 points.

Sidras Zacatlán, produces a cider variety with he name of this Asturian council.

LA SIDRA.- Asturian emigration took Asturian cider with it so now cider, mainly sparkling one, is part of the gastronomic tradition of many contries from South Amercia, where it reached its own expressions according to the environment where it was developed.

Besides, there were many the new cider mills by Asturians in the new lands, and most of the cider makers from Latin American are related to Asturies and its cider culture.

The cider maker from Villaviciosa and president of the CRDOP "Cider of Asturies" defended the apple, cider and Asturian Cider culture in his speech.

LA SIDRA.- As it could not be otherwise, Celestino Cortina spoke during Portal's Festivities highlighting the relevance of fighting for a sector that even when it might not be to make a living, it "means an important supplement for the family economy of many Asturians". He also stated that the future of cider "depends largely on ourselves".

In a Main Square quite crowded, he explained the work of the Regulatory Council and the need to face the excessive import of foreign apple, remarking the 54 new varieties of apples included for cider elaboration in Asturies. Likeise he remarked that the 30 % of the apple orchards from the Regulatory Council is from Villaviciosa, which he defined as the proper land of apples and "the capital of the quality apple". de la mazana de calidá”.


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