Rachel Blickfordand Carmen Valverde visited the Asturian cider mill.

LA SIDRA.- The Councilwoman of Agriculture of the USA and the specialist in agriculture of the North American Ambassy, Carmen Valverde, visited yesterday El Gaitero cider mill in Villaviciosa.

The point was to know first hand the production of cider its different features. It should be highlighted that El Gaitero was born in 1890 to put closer the Asturians who migrated to America with this product, so close to their homeland.

There will not be cider party in L'Entregu this year.

LA SIDRA.- On last year the board of managers of the Cultural and Celebrtion Society of L'Entregu resignrd and, not being any substitution, that association was managed by a private company. This year LA SIDRA Magazine contacted Samartín del Rei Aureliu's Town Hall and confirmed that there will not be this event, which used to be held since 2011. This celebration gathered thirteen cider mills and turned into a meeting to enjoy our national beverage as well as cultural activities and popular market.

The Council of Tourism of Concello d'A Estrada organizes this contest with a 1.150 € prize.

LA SIDRA.- The aim is to empower the Festa da Sidra both ellaboration as distribution and consumption: "it will have a topic to convey the spirit of cider", so the pictures presented will have to be about cider culture and to be from A Estrada council. This contest will be on until 3rd of June and the deadline is 10th of June.

The Grevenbroich Asturian Associantion will celebrate this Sunday 4th of June the traditional Cider Party.
LA SIDRA.- The event has been taking place since 1999 despite the lack of support by the "Principality" and this will take place at Der Real (Am Rittergut 1 – 41515 Grevenbroich-Noithausen). This is a celebration not just for Asturian emigrants in Germany but also for the German and Spanish collective.

Pichote Cider Bar won the award for best cachopo and La Escollera the little cachopo one, while the best pairing with Cortina Cider was for Parrilla Muñó from Xixón.

LA SIDRA.- The Cachopo Guide organized the Official Awards for the Best Cachopo and Little Cachopo of Asturies. In this 2017 edition there was an increase in the sales of the 71 participating restaurants. A jury specialized in gastronomy  and composed by the chef Jaime Uz, Michelin Star from the Arbidel Restaurant in Ribeseya,bAna Paredes from La Nueva España, Lorena Martínez La Corte de Pelayo; Begoña Santos fromTernera Asturiana IXP; Elvira Fresno, sommelier; Raquel Cordón from Notqdes sin comerlo ni beberlo and Nacho Gancedo from La Guía del Cachopo. All of them emited their veredict in a blind tastink that took place on last Monday at Barceló Cerantes Hotel of Uviéu.

The rereation of Basque cider culture mimics the Asturian one more and more, even exporting it internationally as theirs. Take a look to UNESCO!


Asturian media tend to speak bout the cider world making comparisons with Asturian and Basque cider, most of the times without saying the main difference between them: the presence of a Basque government that defends their own interests compared with a "Principality" that wants to make Asturies just a district of Madrid and despises every Asturian identity.

On the other hand they tend not to mention the great Basque mimicry in the cider field, the lack of their traditional elements and then reinvention of a cultural heritage based on the Asturian one, so sometimes they supplant it without trace of shame as it was proper Basque and not just a copy.

Sidra Buznego started advertising its non blended cider as winner of Best First Cider of the Year  2017

LA SIDRA.- This weekend Buznego Cider Mill distributed to Asturian cider bars the barrel winner of the Best First Cider of the Year 2017 Contest, one of the main Asturian cider contest for its specificity -new, not blended cider- as for the number of participants -40 cider mills on last edition-.That males it one of the three most important ones of Asturies alongside with the one of Nava and Villaviciosa.

As a result of this success, Buznego's new cider was the official cider for the First Cider of the Year '17, but they wanted it to stabilyze before corking it and now sell it with a brand new label as BEST FIRST CIDER OF THE YEAR 2017 and a wide media impact. For instance, in he adverts figure a list of every cider mill offering that cider, apart of posters about this cider made just over the yeast.

There was more than a thousand cider liters from eleven industrial cider mill and some craft one from the area.


LA SIDRA.- On last Sunday there was another edition of "Valdesoto with cider", a tasting organized by the group "All Together We Can" alongside with the colabotarion of Siero's City Hall.

For the purchase of an engraved glass for 3 € people was able to taste as much cider as they wanted, so between 12 to 3 pm more than a thousand cider liters were drunk in a very fammiliar environment with plenty of young people and a good weather.

The funds raised will be used for the candidacy of Valdesoto as "Exemplar Town of Asturies" and for the association “El Cencerru”.


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